As a wedding officiant on the Western Slope of Colorado,

I must say, having a Winter wedding in Western Colorado is a beautiful season and place to get married!  If you want to have a wedding when most people are settling in for less social time, this is a great opportunity to have a celebration! Winter in Colorado is absolutely stunning. There are many venues where you can have photos in front of big windows overlooking snowy scenes.  And since the sun shines here most of the time, the mountain beauty is highlighted.

I recently officiated a wedding at the Colorado Hotel in Glenwood Springs

and it was all decked out for the holidays, with big trees and lots of lights.  Other venues have flowers and colorful seasonal decorations to make their place extra cheerful.  The Glenwood Springs couple live in Denver and made taking the train out part of the fun. Weddings can be as small as 3 people (me, the bride & groom) to as many as you can imagine. Most indoor winter weddings are around 20 – 45 people, and range from full meals to simply hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

You may be surprised at what a wonderful celebration can be put together in a short focused time. Of course, the fewer guests, the easier and less expensive it will be. You can always have a big less formal celebration in the Spring or Summer if you want to tie the knot this winter.  Back yards make a great place for an inexpensive celebration.  I have even officiated wonderful weddings that were potlucks.

And I have done weddings in Vail that were beyond posh.

It all depends on your pocketbook and taste.

One thing you can be sure of any time of year, is that I will handle the ceremony details for you and with you, helping you to be relaxed and present for your own wedding!  Contact me.

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