Is it about pleasing your parents?  Just doing what is expected?

Seriously, why?  Because all your friends or siblings did it?

For some folks it’s about celebrating with their family and friends.  But that’s not the ceremony, it is the reception/party part!  Are you publicly declaring your intention to be together for the rest of your lives, or are you promising to be the best spouse you can be (however long that may be)?

I’m not trying to talk you out of a ceremony here, I love officiating wedding ceremonies!  Wedding ceremonies are sacred and serious, but they certainly do not have to be solemn.

I am asking you to think about it because I want it to leave you with wonderful feelings and memories because you did it the way that fulfilled your purpose.

Some couples want to not only declare their love publicly, but also to also open a window into the nature of their loving relationship.  Using readings, their vows and having an officiant that can set the tone you want during your ceremony.

When I got married I had been living with my fiancé for 2 ½ years.  Yet, during our public marriage ceremony something significant in our energy shifted and deepened. 

When planning your ceremony, if you focus on your purpose for the ceremony, plans will come to you more easily.

You will also find the right person to guide that ceremony when you have clarity around your purpose in having a public marriage ceremony.  A purposeful public wedding ceremony can set the stage for your relationship for years to come.

Whatever your reason for this public declaration, if you can be clear about your purpose in doing so, you will be more able to feel the satisfaction after it is over.  Also breathing and being as present as possible during the ceremony will help hold the deeper meaning and energy of it for years to come.









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