The mountains were on fire, the air filled with smoke.  How was this Western Slope wedding officiant to get there? A friend offered to drive me over a treacherous mountain pass.

It was a fairly small family wedding at a beautiful mountain lodge with amazing views, albeit smokey.

The entire family was from MN and we were in CO.  The parents and a grandmother were staying at a town down the road with the fire now blocking the passage in between.  They had come to the lodge the night before the wedding for the festivities.  Forced to spend the night, the clothing they brought for the wedding was back at the hotel they could not reach!

Fancy family photos with Dad’s in shorts and polo shirts!  One of the Mom’s spend $400 on a dress . . . all back at the hotel, out of reach.

As my heroic friend drove me back across the scary pass at sunset they we closing it down.  As soon as I got cell service I let the bride know that the pass was closed.  The only way to get the usual ½ hour back to their hotel was a 6 plus hour drive around.  They were still there for the dinner and dancing after the ceremony, and it looked like they would be there another night.

This will be a wedding to remember for many reasons!  The smiles of love on their faces will supersede the judgments about the way they were dressed.

Never let the unimportant things effect the love that you are there to honor.  The memories that will linger the longest will be on how you felt, not how you looked.

That is what really matters – to this Western Slope wedding officiant!

If you want an officiant who will show up no matter what – contact me!

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