Wedding while in a pandemic?


Yes you can! I have officiated joyful weddings during these crazy times when no one would think you could have weddings in time of COVID.

Many people are postponing their wedding while in a pandemic.  That is understandable if you have your heart set on a large number of people in attendance at your ceremony.

However, if you are willing to create a celebration with all of your family and friends when it is safe to do so again, there is no reason not to create a beautiful and memorable ceremony now.

You can just have your immediate family and possibly 2 closest friends in attendance. You can ask everyone to wear masks and be mindful of distancing. (If you are already a “pod” that may not even be necessary.)

The two of you, bride and groom can take off your masks for the actual ceremony, as will I. We do not have to be that close to have a meaningful experience!

Some couples choose to have their wedding while in a pandemic safely by having only 4 people – the two of them, myself as officiant, and the photographer. You can certainly get to amazing outdoor settings, summer or winter, when you are not organizing a large group of guests!

Wedding while in a Pandemic
Weddings in time of COVID can be a fulfilling experience. Simply   open you mind and remember the reason you are doing it. The party can come later, this deep expression of your love and commitment does not always need to wait!


Photo credit: Amanda Matilda Photography


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