The ceremony you wrote is perfect! I love it! As far as the beginning, I’m fine with you asking my parents “who gives their blessing on this marriage?”. The only reading I’d like added . . . Also to fill in the blank on our three children’s names…

Please let me know any other questions you have! I’m very happy with the outcome! Beyond thankful!


Carolyn was a pro from the start.  We met her over the phone and after interviewing some other potential officiants, we decided she was a good match for us.  We already had some ideas of what we wanted our ceremony to be, but hadn’t put it all together.
Carolyn met with us in person on a Sunday when we traveled through her home town and with that meeting and previous emails pulled our thoughts and ideas together with what looked to be a great ceremony. Her calm demeanor was a real blessing during our rehearsal as we tried to determine all the various details of our mountain valley wedding and get everyone organized. Come ceremony day she was flawless and her organization helped to make our special day truly wonderful.
Thanks so much Carolyn.

– Dave Schneider & Sarah Rasmussen

We would like to publicly thank Carolyn for helping to make our wedding so unique. Not only did she travel quite a ways to be there with us, but also made all of our communications beforehand very pleasant and informative. We were in search in something non-traditional and Carolyn was more than capable in helping us create the ceremony that was right for us. She even went as far as going barefoot with us. She did such a beautiful job that we are still receiving compliments nearing our first anniversary!

~Kera Michel & Deric Anslum

“I never thought the ceremony part was as important as the party, but with Carolyn’s coaching it became a memorable highlight.”

— Karen & Thomas

“Carolyn made our ceremony personal and fun.”
— Joan & Byron
“We think Carolyn was the perfect choice to officiate our wedding ceremony. She was able to understand the essence of our vision for a wedding (and what this meant to us) and then use those ideas to create the perfect flow for our ceremony. We could not have been happier!”

— Miriam & Dave

“We wanted something short and simple. Her delivery made it more special than we imagined it could be.”

— Lisa & Alex

“It felt like Ms Ringo included everyone. . . I have never heard such a beautiful and personal wedding ceremony.”

— Parents of Charles & Marlene

“Carolyn was so willing to do what we wanted, and made us think of options we hadn’t considered. She is great!”

— Brenda & Jonathan

“Carolyn was so relaxed and professional. It helped us to relax more too.”

— Candice & Rob

I just wanted to reiterate our thanks for your help and officiation of our wedding ceremony.  Several of my friends said they were very impressed by you!  I have a feeling you may be hearing from a friend or two when they are getting ready to be married!
Warm wishes,

Samira Parekh Jones

Carolyn was such a perfect fit for us.  Her heart is genuine, her energy is positive and calm and her planning was thorough. She ventured into our special location in the mountains and was right at home.  She did a great job interviewing us via phone and email ahead of time and put together a fantastic ceremony with the words from our hearts.  She wasn’t just an officiant, she truly felt like a friend and a key part of our special day!

Nathan Loback & Nicole Humphrey

Carolyn’s expertise allowed us to have exactly the kind of wedding we had envisioned. She was an answer to our prayers!

Jason and Janet Rollins

When Jason and I first got engaged, we set our wedding date for October of 2014. Unfortunately, I developed some health problems that took the front seat. This caused us to postpone the wedding indefinitely. Fast forward to November of 2016, and my health had finally improved enough to plan a wedding. We were excited to finally “tie the knot” and were determined to start out 2017 as a married couple. This meant planning and hosting a wedding in one month’s time. We were worried we might have trouble finding the right person to officiate on such short notice. Thankfully, our worries were put to rest upon meeting with Carolyn. Once we explained our situation to her, she was on board and quickly stepped in to help. She was truly an answer to our prayers. She listened to us and crafted just the right ceremony to reflect our personalities and our faith. We are still getting compliments about how “magical” and “perfect” our wedding was- and we agree!

A wedding story from David & Miriam

When Dave and I first started looking for someone to officiate our wedding, we were hoping to find  someone who would be receptive to our ideas and be able to structure these ideas into a ceremony that would capture the depth and essence of what our union meant to us.

We met Carolyn at a small breakfast café in Paonia, CO, and we immediately felt comfortable conversing with her.  Over the course of breakfast, Carolyn asked intuitive questions and was very communicative about what she would need from us to construct the ceremony.  Carolyn seemed to understand our vision and even gave us ideas that we had not considered that built upon our original concept.

Dave and I left the meeting confident that we had found the right person to officiate our wedding.  Over the course of several e-mail exchanges after this meeting, Carolyn asked more specific questions and sent me several drafts of the ceremony.  Through these e-mails, we were able to shape the perfect ceremony that even exceeded our original expectations.

When the time for the wedding was close at hand, Carolyn continued to go above and beyond, traveling to our home in Grand Junction for the rehearsal and the ceremony and helping to remind us of our original intentions during a chaotic time of juggling family and ceremonial demands!  She was a very calming presence in the midst of changes in plans and a house filled with people, which was reassuring to us both.

The ceremony itself was everything we had hoped for—Carolyn can command a room with grace and certainty and she has a way with words that made the ceremony flow beautifully.  She even handled the groom signing the wrong spot of the marriage certificate with aplomb!  We were so fortunate to have had her officiate our wedding and highly recommend Carolyn to any prospective couples, especially those who are looking for a personal touch.

-Dave and Miriam Deming