I just officiated a theme wedding based on the western movie, Tombstone.

What wild fun!  All the 10 bridesmaids were saloon girls, the guys were gunslingers – all wearing guns in this theme based wedding.  This is the wild west after all!  I was a cowgirl because I just couldn’t get behind being a school marm.  🙂

Most of the guests were in costume as well and it created such a delightful festive atmosphere.  There are so many theme ideas out there.  You might want to consider a them based wedding if you are still in the early planning stages.  There are many sites on the web with great ideas, such as this one.


One thing to consider is weather if your wedding is outdoors.  I was able to wear long underwear under my cowgirl outfit, but those saloon girls were so cold.  It was at the edge of the Grand Mesa (high elevation) and only about 35 – 40 degrees.

You could base your theme on a movie, tv show, period of time, have guests come as their favorite movie couple, maybe just invite people to go all out in any direction to dress in a way that would be fun for them, but not what they normally get to wear.

Of course the theme can carry as far through the decorations and reception as you care to carry it!  The Tombstone wedding was outdoors and they build saloon doors that the wedding party came through and left through.  When I get pictures I’ll post a few.

The main thing to think about is how much money do you want to spend and how much work do you want to do.  A theme based wedding does not have to be expensive or more work, but it might be.

You get to decide.  Wedding planning can be stressful and you do not need to add to your stress level.  Whatever you choose to do or let go of doing, allow the planning process be enjoyable and as easy as possible.  This is not about making impressions and going in debt, rather your wedding is a meaningful time to spend with friends and family declaring your intentions for your relationship and your love for one another. 


If you are considering a theme based wedding and would like a ceremonialist that can go with the flow, contact me!



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