“An intimate elopement,” they said.

“How many guests are you anticipating?”

“Only about 35.”

When I was growing up and all my friends were getting married an elopement meant you ran away and got married without any witnesses, or maybe the couple who were traveling with you!

Everything changes with time, including word definitions.

As a wedding officiant in Western Colorado I have come to appreciate intimate Colorado weddings.

colorado wedding

photo by KPierce

Some couples choose an audience of 150 for their ceremonies, some 50, some 10 and some only themselves and me.

I am equally comfortable with it all and it is my belief that the bride and groom need to do whatever feels right to them.  I will accommodate their wishes, their style, their choices.

I am available for whatever choice you make.

That said, I have done many more weddings since COVID with only the 3 of us, or often a 4th being the photographer.  And I have grown to appreciate the choice of an intimate Colorado weddings more than I used to.  It can be videoed to be shown to friends and relatives later if they choose.  Or not.

A wilderness setting with only 3 or 4 of us is truly an intimate feel, yet in Colorado there are so many more guests than we can imagine in that outdoor spot in the mountains!  Mountain lions, bears, deer, elk, beaver, coyote, eagles, jays, snakes, bugs and more are with us, and sometimes watching.  It is a wonderful feeling to know how many witnesses you actually have when making those solemn vows.

So back to an intimate Colorado wedding, or an intimate elopement of 35, or a golf course wedding of 100, you likely have more guests than you might imagine.

You can have a larger party later if you want a smaller ceremony.  You can invite only your family.

The greatest thing is – you get to have it any way you want it!

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