Is getting married daring?

Colorado Mountain Wedding

Or is it daring to have a Colorado mountain wedding?


Our jeep driver of San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours in Ouray, Colorado took just knew how to make the it look scary in the photo!  We actually felt quite safe with him driving.

This sweet Midwest couple just wanted to be amid the wildflowers in the mountains for their ceremony.  Greg (the owner of SJSJT) gave them so much more than that!  As we traversed the road up Yankee Boy Basin he pointed out things we might not have otherwise seen and explained much about the basin and its history.

Western Slope weddings

Photo by Greg, Owner of SJSJT

Though I had been there for many ceremonies previously, I knew little of the landmarks he pointed out that day.  And I must say, though it was late in the season for flowers he knew exactly where to go to find them!


Enjoying a Colorado mountain wedding does not have to involve jeeps and scary roads.  It really depends on your own sensibility and that of your guests.  San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours can take dozens of guests into the mountains in a variety of settings.


There are many spots near Ouray, and actually all over the Western Slope that you can drive to yourself and have me as your wedding officiant!


Western slope weddings have been my specialty for many years and I have never tired of being a part of each couples meaningful marriage ceremony.  It has been everything from 150 people to simply myself and the couple with perhaps a photographer.  Local folks choose to get married here as well as a good number of people from the Midwest.


wedding officiant

Photo by Greg, Owner of San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours

Whatever way you decide to tie the knot, I am delighted to help you do it in your style!


Shoot me a text or leave me a phone message at 970-527-3933, or send me an email.  We can have a phone or zoom conversation to help you decide on using me as your wedding officiant.


Happy planning!



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