A wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon? Yes! What better kind of adventure weddings in Colorado could one ask for with our spectacular mountains all around!


The groom called me and said he and his bride would like to have a conversation with me about their wedding ceremony, but the hot air balloon part was to be a surprise to the bride! So, “keep that part under wraps as we speak together.”


The take off point was an hour and a half from my home and I had to be there at 7 am, so the groom booked an airbnb for me in Ridgway, Colorado. I received a call the night before the wedding asking if I could stay two nights if necessary because bad weather was predicated for the next day.


Indeed it was too windy so we were all grateful for my flexibility. It was so much fun seeing the bride in her wedding gown and heels obviously taken by surprise. (I had received explicit directions from the balloon pilot about no dresses, no heels.)

adventure weddings in Colorado

Pilot, Carolyn – Officiant, Grroom & Bride

We received direction from the pilot and he made an exception for this unprepared bride. Soon we were up in the air with views of the San Juan Mountains below. It was to be a short ride for the ceremony and then drop me off, (not literally) and they would go back up for a longer ride and champagne toast.


However, because of the periodic noise of the propane keeping the balloon inflated, I had to pause often enough that the ceremony took much longer than anticipated. Soon the pilot and I got into a rhythm; I would see his hand go up to pull or he’d pull when I paused. So their second ride was the short one. I don’t think they really minded.


Amazingly enough, they were more present with the meaningful ceremony than most couples on the ground!


I have done weddings at places we had to hike a distance, weddings where jeeps took us all up into the mountains, and ones that involved long gondola rides to get to the ceremony site. I have accommodated large groups, immediate family only weddings, and those with only the bride and groom. High winds, snow storms and rain are something I have navigated on more than one occasion, without allowing it to impact the moment. I have married people in the back yard, in fabulous lodges and in small chapels.


Wherever you decide to tie the knot, an adventure weddings in Colorado is what you make it. I feel they are all the beginning of a great adventure!


Contact me to help you make this next chapter of your life begin with the ceremony suited to who you are as a couple.

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