1) Winter weddings in Colorado are bright as the sun sparkles diamonds on the snow, and a fire dances in the fireplace.

Here in Colorado we are blessed with enough snow to keep it white, and we enjoy sunshine most every day. These mountains abound with lodges showcasing large hearths to gather around to make your winter wedding warm.


2) Winter weddings always feel so cozy.

We come in from the cold outdoors to a warm cabin or lodge, blow on our hands, cuddle together and share warm drinks. What a great way to feel close to your peeps.


3) Getting married in the “off season” at many venues saves money.

Unless it’s a ski resort, many lodges, golf courses and hotels have reduced rates in the winter. (It may vary more around the holidays.)


4) Most weddings are in Summer or Fall. Why be like everyone else?

Stand out, do something out of the ordinary. The possibilities for beautiful colorful shawls to go with a wedding dress are endless – and exciting in my perspective.


5) You can avoid driving in uncertain weather by riding the train to the Western Slope from Denver or further afield.

It is a romantic start to any marriage! Once on the Western Slope the roads are usually pretty clear, depending on exactly where you are going of course.

I don’t recommend Aspen or Telluride in winter unless you want the ski environment, or money is of no concern.


6) You can include a hot springs soak in your winter wedding plans if you choose Ridgeway, Ouray, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale or Redstone venues.

(The Redstone Inn with Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs just up the road could be fun!)

Other places (without hot springs) to consider are Montrose, Paonia, Grand Junction or Palisade.

7) Whether it be three people, ten, thirty-five or more, winter weddings are delightful and memorable.

Contact me to plan your winter wedding!

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